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Many of us find email the bane of our lives. And we often have multiple accounts – for personal work and other roles. And we have multiple devices we use to access emails. This can result in real inefficiencies. Reading emails multiple times, misfiling emails and finding it difficult to remember if we replied to this or that mail.

Enter Airmail 3 for MacOS and Airmail 1.1 for iOS. A simple and elegant application that integrates across your Mac, iPhone and iPad. You can access G-Suite, iCloud and other mail providers in the same app, to show all or one account if you need to be focused. 

It is streets ahead of the bundled Mac mail app. It’s slick, elegant and has much more under the hood for the power user.

Problems finding emails? I have a large amount of email and at times the Mac search functionality fails, and I have to rebuild my Mailbox. Airmail3 has a superb, fast and robust search functionality.

You can snooze emails, set reminders to let you know if you haven’t had a response. Use Gmail labels and so on.

At last an email client that help you tame your email cross platform and at a reasonable price.

For more see this great review by JOHN VOORHEES

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