Leading Change ‘Masterclass’

My colleague Tony Wells and I had the opportunity to engage the leaders taking part in the flagship Leadership Programme ‘Delivering The Future’ on Thursday 14th November.

Sketch of Joe & Tony

In our preparation for the ‘Masterclass’, we decided to make this an interactive workshop.  To work with the group to introduce them to my friend and colleague Peter Koestenbaum’s Leadership Diamond® as a key tool for helping them to Lead Change.  

The Leadership Diamond® is not the ‘answer’ – but it does help you create the right questions.

The session went down very well and the group quickly grasped the key elements of the Leadership Diamond® and were able to apply it to a personal leadership diagnostic.  To assess their leadership strength – what I can offer to support others, and their leadership ’stretch’ – what I need to pay attention to to improve my ability to lead change.

Tony also shared his ‘Leadership Journey,’ which was inspiring.  He also used the Leadership Diamond® to show why what he did was successful, and this ‘mapping’ not only brought the Diamond to life but showed it’s practicality and veracity.

We worked interactively with the group to do a ‘Diamond Diagnostic’ on some strategic issues the NHS is facing (no shortage in that list!) – and the power of the Leadership Diamond® as a diagnostic tool was evident.  

So, for us, a satisfactory day – people got the basics, but also were introduced to the possibility.

The beauty of the Leadership Diamond® is its simplicity.  Its power is its depth.

In planning for this session, I created a one page illustration mapping the whole day – which I include below.  Please note the Leadership Diamond® is © Peter Koestenbaum, and is used by permission.  Also, this graphic representation of the work is © Joe Lafferty.  These may not be reproduced without permission.


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