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There are still some spaces left – don’t miss a great opportunity to engage with a recognised world class thinker who will challenge you to lead more effectively. 

‘But I don’t have time for development!  I’m far too busy!’  

Perhaps – but I would dare to suggest that you MUST make time to hone and sharpen your leadership!  Why? Because leadership effects everything you do.  From how you lead your life, how you lead your team, your part of the business or institution.  If you grasp this opportunity, you will go away from the session with Peter with a clear plan on how you will lead more effectively – leveraging your time investment significantly.  

See here for more information and links to book.  Sessions across Scotland from 11th June till 24th. 
Saturday 16th June – Dundee
Monday 18th June – Glasgow
Tuesday 19th June – Edinburgh
Wed-Thurs 20-21nd – Edinburgh 

As a consultant and teacher, I must admit to having some ambivalence about leadership, and in particular who’s peddling the latest model!  As the old proverb says, ‘of the making of books there is no end…’ and I think this applies particularly to leadership books!  Having said that, I believe that leadership is a vital topic for now.  And, once in a while, a thinker/practitioner comes along who hits the nail right smack bang on the head.  In my view Peter Koestenbaum is one of these rare people.  But it’s not just my view, see the footnote in the email to read what Warren Bennis (the grandfather of leadership) said about Peter Koestenbaum’s latest book!

I love his thinking because it is both thoroughly pragmatic, practical and immediately applicable – while at the same time having depth that one rarely comes across in this field.  You can’t walk away from a conversation with Peter Koestenbaum around the Leadership Diamond® without being challenged to action – to take your own leadership more seriously.  In the seminars, some of the things we will explore are: 

  • how to motivate people in times of recession or depression?
  • how can we make quality decisions in high stress environments and turbulent and challenging contexts?
  • transforming your leadership by moving beyond problem solving to working with and leveraging polarities

Peter Koestenbaum’s leadership ‘model’ the Leadership Diamond® is not so much a model as a philosophy of leadership.  A way of seeing, of being, and acting.  The diamond gives us a lens though with we can see more clearly, and act more decisively.  Engaging in a leadership conversation using the diamond as a framework ensures that the conversation is focused, practical and leads to action.  The ultimate value is that it develops for us a vocabulary ready made for leadership conversations and a language that facilitates high quality leadership dialogue.   

The Leadership Diamond® is simple and elegant, and also has depth.  I believe that it’s congruent and very relevant for our times.  I’ll leave the final word with Warren Bennis: 

“Today’s world requires broader and deeper ways for leaders to understand reality and find new tools with which to build a future.  …Peters book is indeed a blueprint for revolutionising organisations with ideas.  It offers deep and practical advice for any leader engaged in shaping the future of our businesses and institutions, and the coaches and consultants that support them.  … Every once in a while, a book comes along that illuminates the darkness and genius of our time.  This is the book for our time   (emphasis original).  Warren Bennis
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