no such thing as a ‘small part’…

Earlier on this year, I had the honour of attending the Q&A immediately following the showing of Coriolanus – the Directoral debut of Ralph Fiennes starring Brian Cox.

It’s a superb movie – a must see if you get the chance.  It’s pretty dark, late Shakespeare, and, as the reviewers have said, the main characters have few redeeming features!  However it touches on very current issues, as only shakespeare can.  At the end of the movie…(see below)

Brian Cox in DCA, Dundee

At the end of the Movie, Brian Cox responded to the packed DCA audience in a Q&A session.  

It was simply brilliant.  One of the things he said that struck me very powerfully was something from his own story.  When he decided to get into movies, he was already a very successful stage actor.  He moved to LA to initiate his movie career – and he had this mindset.  

There are no such thing as small parts and big parts.  There are only long parts and short parts.

Fantastic!  And if you ever see Brian Cox in a movie, you’ll see the impact of this mindset on his performances.  No matter what size his part, you notice Brian Cox in a movie!  

It got me thinking about life and work – and how, in our work, there are no such things as ‘big parts and small parts!’  So… my challenge to myself, and to you is – how will you make the most of your part, no matter how short it may be?

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