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I’m really excited to announce that my friend and colleague, Peter Koestenbaum, will be in Europe in June, spending a good part of his time based in Dundee, Scotland, and I wanted to share a unique opportunity to work with Peter on his ‘Legacy’ visit. If you are able to attend, you will hear, first hand, from the creator of the Leadership Diamond® philosophy of leadership, and engage with him either in a One Day Masterclass, or a Two Day, In Depth, Leadership Diamond® seminar.

I know the world of leadership ‘gurus’ and authors is pretty cluttered, and often given to hyperbole – but it is no exaggeration to say that these events are a one-time opportunity to be in the company of true greatness. It is impossible to spend time in the presence of a philosopher like Peter Koestenbaum and not be moved and inspired, made wiser by a broadened, and yet more focused vision.

For further information on events, dates, cost and how to apply, please click on the following links:

  1. for introduction to Peters visit click here.
  2. to find out more about the one day masterclasses click here,
  3. for the two day, in depth Leadership Diamond® seminar click here,
  4. depending on time available there may be opportunity to meet with Peter.  To register interest or make request for team or individual coaching sessions or meetings click here.

I’ll end by quoting from Warren Bennis’s foreword to Peters latest book:

Today’s world requires broader and deeper ways for leaders to understand reality and find new tools with which to build a future. …Peters book is indeed a blueprint for revolutionising organisations with ideas. It offers deep and practical advice for any leader engaged in shaping the future of our businesses and institutions, and the coaches and consultants that support them. … Every once in a while, a book comes along that illuminates the darkness and genius of our time. This is the book for our time (emphasis original).
Warren Bennis

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