in conversation with Peter Koestenbaum

In this video, I introduce, and set the scene, for a fifty minute conversation between Peter Koestenbaum and myself in Dallas Texas in November 2011. Peter, a former Professor in Philosophy, became a leadership educator and executive coach some 15+ years ago, practically applying his learning and ideas to ‘Philosophy in Business’. He has worked with leaders and organisations across the globe, bringing his wisdom and pragmatism, enabling leaders to deepen their capacity and enhance their readiness.

Peter Koestenbaum and Joe Lafferty in Conversation

This video is password protected for use with clients, if you would like to see a 10 min summary of this conversation, click here.

Make everything as simple as possible, but no simpler. Einstein

This video starts with a brief introduction to the Leadership Diamond™, outlining each of the four ‘skills’, themes, ‘agenda points, ‘critical success factors’ or Platonic ideas:

Ethics – Belonging
Reality – Security
Vision – Achievement
Courage – Identity

This is followed with exploring the Inner Diamond, in particular Polarity. Then, using a case study of an actual failed change intervention, we touch on individual free will and the system/field or world providing some further in-depth application.

No problem can be solved at the same level of consciousness it was created. Einstein

If you would like any further information on how you can apply the Leadership Diamond™, to transform your leadership, please contact Peter at, or Joe

“The language of the Leadership Diamond™ is what is necessary to speak fluently and well about leadership. It is the natural language for leadership conversations, it automatically makes them more easy, more accessible, more accurate and more useful.” Peter Koestenbaum

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Joe Lafferty, Dundee, Scotland.

In conversation with Peter Koestenbaum

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  • Thank you for putting this video together Joe. I thought it was very professional. The Diamond is an amazingly simple summary of a very complex topic, the leadership mind. Peter’s explanations and your concrete examples helped me understand it on a new level. I look forward to participating in further dialogue on how to explain the Diamond in a way that technical leaders will find it compelling.

  • Rosa,
    thanks for your kind words.
    I’m glad you found it helpful. And I agree wholeheartedly with your comments. For me that is one of the beauties of the Leadership Diamond® and Ontograph® – it’s simplicity, depth and pragmatic application.

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