‘hidden dundee’ journey


Had a superb day yesterday with the Go Dundee group on the Dundee Wave of Change, ‘hidden dundee’ journey.

Will write more about this but wanted to upload some of the photos, so here are the links below. At the end of the post is a video summarising just two of the projects where young people have engaged with the Dundee Wave of Change.

4 Star photos – on Facebook:
here, and here.

and on Flickr – full size images available here.

1 Star photos – on Flickr: a lot more here.

Health warning! None of the photos have been edited (apart from the one where I photo-shopped me into the group photo!) So they are not what I would normally publish without some cropping or slight treatment.

First video of DWoC summary of working with young people here. (I have another more professional one I’ll be uploading soon with interviews with the St Johns songwriters).

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  • Valerie Carr

    Hey Joe, next time we are up in Dundee I will try to get a chance to talk with you. We are doing very similar work with two communities in Lancaster, using appreciative inquiry and co-design to explore opportunities for innovation. We’re also working with the council to help them move towards their vision of being a more co-operative council. I’ve got a series of workshops with two of the High schools too – on Tuesday I have them out and about in their local areas with video cameras and camera phones with GPS to tag and comment on the local environment and the impact of various places and services on health and wellbeing. I’m currently writing a paper about designing pathways to participation so may reference Dick’s articles!

  • You’re welcome Val!
    be great to connect up – what you are doing sounds great.
    Dick’s material is great. And of course, his and Emily’s ‘Conference Model’ predates Cooperrider’s AI by a good few years!!

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