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Dick and Emily Axelrod are in the UK and will be in Dundee on Monday the 6th June.

It’s a rare opportunity to work with global thought leaders in the field of engagement & enabling successful change.

Dick’s latest book “Terms of Engagement: Changing the Way We Change Our Organizations” (which I illustrated) is “A complete blueprint for involving others” and “the best of the current crop of books on this topic.” NYT, and some copies will be available on the day.

Dick encourages us to become a “Pragmatic Involver.” Covering everything from solving a nagging long-term problem at work that could save a company millions, to launching a community movement, the book shows how involving others in a project while maintaining one’s focus on the nuts-and-bolts details can make big things happen.

Dick and Emily have extensive experience in the field of OD and worked with an extensive list of clients across the globe. I particularly like the way they integrate theory with their significant experience of working at all levels in all kinds of organisations.

If you are able to come along, you will learn about practical approaches to enhance engagement and improve performance, you’ll get to work with other Leaders and OD practitioners and you’ll also have fun!


The event focus will be split into two, one covered in the morning and the other covered in the afternoon. One session will focus on Engagement is the New Change Management which will cover many of the concepts in Dick’s latest book. The other session will focus on Leadership with an Engagement Edge. These will be suitable as stand alone events if you can only attend morning or afternoon, and they will also build on each other if you are able to attend the full day.

Timings & Venue

The event will start at 09:00 and the morning session will run till 12:30.
The afternoon session will start at 13:30 and run until 16:30
The venue is F8 Venues, Whitehall St Dundee
Attached are links to two of Dick’s recent papers which you might find interesting – on on engagement and one specifically focused on practical changes in improving health care. He has one being published in the UK on engagement in early June.

Email me if you want to attend.

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