some of the amazing things happening in Dundee

You might have picked up from my blog that I’m a passionate advocate for the City of Dundee. As one of my voluntary roles, I’m part of the ‘Go Dundee’ core team which has a vision to connect people and make Dundee an even more positive place to be.


For the Go Dundee meeting in Nov 09, I took some time to make an animated slideshow of some of the amazing things happening in Dundee, with the help of my friend & colleague Steve Carter who pulled together a load of images. Also, I was able to get Lorraine Kelly (a friend of Go Dundee) to do the narration.

I noticed others had linked to this keynote presentation on their websites, but I hadn’t! I’ve remedied this – better late than never eh – and you can see the result on youtube below.

If you want an HD version, you can download it at this link here (it’s a 78 MB High Definition m4v movie)..



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  • Keith

    Hi Joe,
    It a nice little slide show. Very informative.
    Hope your well. It’s been a while.

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