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In Alistair Harkness’s review of the movie (500) Days of Summer in the (4/9/09) Scotsman, he says this about a moment in the movie:

It’s a beautiful moment that nails the way movies can sometimes penetrate a desire for escapism and get at the truth of a situation, even when you don’t want them to.

Reminds me of why I love movies so much, and appreciate the power of movies such as the Matrix (pic above).

My friend and colleague Alan and I have ‘set homework’ for a leadership course Lifetree is facilitating. Unusual homework – to watch either or: The Straight Story, or Twelve Angry Men, and to come to the learning event with what struck you about either of these movies relating to their reflection on leadership and leadership acts.  Be interesting to see what emerges from the dialogue.


I watched the Straight Story last weekend – such a powerful movie – and am looking forward to watching Twelve Angry Men this weekend.


Now this is my kind of homework!!

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  • allan

    Hi Joe – what’s Straight Story all about?

  • Hi Allan,

    thanks for comment & welcome!

    The Straight Story is an incredible film. It’s a very powerful, and slow, story about the simple and yet important things in life. Connecting, coming close, touching, being. Imbued with humanity, both suffering and joy, darkness and light.

    The story is all around an old man who is disconnected from his brother, who has a stroke. He then decides to go on his lawn mower across two states to see him. The movie is all about this journey – based on the true story of Alvin Straight.
    It’s a must get and watch many times…

    let me know what you think when you watch it.

    PS Рremember watching Cyrano de Bergerac with G̩rard Depardieu??

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