Bumped into fellow Go Dundeer Jacqui on train to Edinburgh this afternoon & we were sharing stories.

She mentioned a fellow student she met at the Edinburgh book festival. He was speaking about his new book: “What’s the point of school?” by Guy Claxton. Not to spoil the plot, it’s learning, or more accurately, the process of learning. Learning from experience, from mistakes, not passing exams!

What's the Point of School?

This lead us to trade quotes: where does knower belong? In the Ark! And the learner will inherit the earth. The knowers will find themselves perfectly equipped for a world that no longer exists!

Of course, this is not only about school, but has much wider application. As Arie de Geus once said: ‘The ability to learn faster than your competitors may be only sustainable competitive advantage.?

Link to the theme for the Go Dundee meeting in November 09 in Dundee on “Learning city: Learning for Life”.

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