Transfer video from iPhone 3Gs

Came across this website (thanks Patrick Jordan!) to help me transfer over an iPhone video – which was 45 mins long!

Worked a treat.  Here are abbreviated instructions (see the link for more instructions)…

How To Quickly Import iPhone 3GS videos onto a Mac:

Connect your iPhone to your Mac with its USB (sync) cable

Launch the Image Capture app on your Mac


The Image Capture app should almost instantly see the iPhone attached, and offer up a dialog like the one in the screencap below.  From there you can choose where to download videos or pictures to, whether to download all or make individual selections, and review and modify several other options (e.g whether or not to delete the originals on the iPhone once the import is done).


Once you’ve made you choices and clicked to download, it shows you a status bar and quickly transfers your videos over to the Mac. Or you can just click to select a video and drag it straight into your desired target folder for it.  I have tested so far with only 30 ‘ 60 second videos, but these zoomed across to the Mac quite nicely.

That’s it ‘ your video files will be available as .mov files wherever you chose to save them too.

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