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I’m about to take the rest of July off, as part vacation / holiday and part thinking/reflection space.  The work over the past six months has been full on, and I felt the need for an extended time of reflection.

This is a time to think more deeply about the work and what is going on around the work, to enhance my own awareness, deepen understanding, develop illumination. To aid this process I will be reading three books and a number of papers.  I will also be using my new Lifetree Moleskine journal, as I find journalling a powerful enabler for thinking more deeply and simply.

I may blog some, but only if the thoughts are reasonably formed – for example, one thing I have been noticing as I have been planning this time, is just how connected things are in the many different contexts of my life and work.

Lifetree Moleskine Journal (by BurntNorton)

About the new Lifetree Moleskine Journals, Andy, one of the [wideopenspace] team that are updating my web page said to me the other day ‘These are the apple of the journal world!’ and I agree. The Moleskine is a superb example of great design, simple lines.  A beautiful object, and a practical one that works beautifully. I’m very pleased at the way the new Lifetree logo (created by my daughter Mairi) has been embossed on the journals – adding in a very subtle way.  And it’s pretty cool!

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  • hey joe, i am in the middle of a 3 1/2 month sabbatical (including some holiday and space to reflect). I am finding it hugely beneficial. Hope yours is too. What are you planning on reading?

    And any good books to recommend on leadership?

    Be lovely to see you sometime … been far too long…

  • Hi Rupert,
    great to hear from you!
    hope your enjoying your sabbatical…
    yep it has been too long! Why not drop me an email when your back & we can arrange to meet up in Dundee or Edinburgh.
    I’ll think about your request about good leadership books too…

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