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I just attended the Sixteenth International ECLO conference in Hertogenbosch (den Bosch), Holland, this past couple of days. A small event this year, but the quality was high! Some quite outstanding presentations, along with invigorating dialogue – and the opportunity to catch up with some old friends.

I will blog some more on this when I get time, but just off out for a meal then pack for early flight back to Scotland tomorrow.

Apart from the dialogue, two of the highlights for me were René Brohm’s presentation on ‘The Art of Living in Organisations: Organising as a Dance?, and my friend Ton Brunining’s presentation on ‘Art – Disturbingly Potent Fertiliser for Organisations’. Ton and I have agreed to write something later on this year – so watch this space!

Rene’s presentation challenged us to think about organising and organisations in a different way, using the metaphor of a dance. By not starting with the actor but the encounter. We normally put the actor in the foreground, and the interaction in the background. Something the actor chooses to do – for his / her benefit. An economic transaction. But can we put the background into foreground and the foreground is the background? Where the interaction comes before the self and we find our selves in the interaction?

Much more to be said here…

Other interesting presentations included a provocative keynote at the start by Prof Dr. Anton Aijderveld, a philosophical sociologist on ?The Quacks of Consultancy’ – highlighting the dangers of immoral manipulation of others.

Rainer Molzahn, from Germany, spoke about ?Eldership and Rejuvenation’ sharing some of his thoughts and ideas on the importance of Eldership to organisations and society. His anthropological approach was very interesting and generated some fascinating discussion.

I’ve also uploaded some photos to my flickr site – and you can find them in this set by clicking here. S L O W W W (and expensive!) internet connection here, so only uploaded as 640 pixel images, but if you would like any of the images in higher resolution, just email me with the image numbers and I’ll send them to you. I have them at 4000 pixels.

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