‘five a day’ to improve well-being

Got a set of cards from Nic Marks from nef when I met him at a conference in Dundee recently on ‘measuring what matters.’ More on this superb conference later.

Five ways to well-being from Joe Lafferty on Vimeo.

They are five evidence based actions to improve well being that Nic from nef produced as part of a project for Foresight.  He had this idea, ‘what if we had a five a day for well-being as well as five fruits a day for physical health?’  So they researched it and produced these five postcards.

I think it’s a great idea, simple, clear and easy.  Below is a stripped down version with just each of the actions:
– connect…
– be active…
– take notice…
– keep learning…
– give…

if you would like more information, or a keynote/powerpoint of this, email me.

Five ways to well being (short version) from Joe Lafferty on Vimeo.

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