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IMG_1440_stirling still morning

I was at Stirling Management Centre the other week to facilitate a two day Team Development Workshop with an executive team. As I arrived at about 07:45 am, the sun was rising, and I caught sight of this fisherman on the lochan at the university. So, i stopped to take a photo. It was a beautiful peaceful sunrise, and the fish were rising…

I shared this photo at the start of the event, and had a real sense that this two days would be an opportunity to ‘be still’. To get away from the hustle and bustle of a busy and complex setting to reflect. To listen. To learn a little more about my colleagues and their goals and wishes. To improve the quality of our dialogue. To enhance team performance.


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  • Kay

    Hi Joe

    Just having a quick look at your blog. Your photo of the fisherman on the lochan at the SMC is simply immense.

    Iâ??ve spent many happy days and weekends at the SMC, both as a learner and in my OUBS tutoring roleâ?¦walking and jogging around this little scene, yet Iâ??ve never seen it like this. Simply stunning.

    Thank you for sharing this. Makes me feel happy!


  • Kay,
    thanks for your comment & encouragement!
    It was a special moment & what a privilege to be able to capture it…
    And the image really helped â??set the sceneâ?? for a really important 2 days team development.
    kind regards,

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