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I’m writing an article on FIRO (Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation, if you need to know!), a model/theory developed by Will Schutz in the late 1950’s; and I was sharing Schutz’s definition of personality with my colleague Nikki:

Personality is who you’re choosing to be at this moment in time.

I was musing that although this could look straight from Schutz’s connection with the Human Potential movement (Will Schutz developed his FIRO theory weaving together two key elements, his work with the US Navy in the 1950’s and also his engagement with the ‘Human Potential Movement’ in California in the 1960’s.), actually, it has more depth than it first seems.

At the same time as this conversation, we were listening to KD Lang’s rendition of the Bruce Cockburn song ‘One Day I Walk’ ‘ and this refrain caught our attention:

I have sat on the street corner
And watched the boot heels shine
And cried out glad and cried out sad
With every voice but mine

How often do we respond in situations with what is expected of us? What we think others want to hear? What impression do we want to give?

So, who are you choosing to be today?

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  • William Gallant

    Just wanted to say Hi-am a student at McGill in Montreal Quebec. I am working with a group to present Will Schutz’s work. Thanks. Regards WG

  • William,
    great to hear from you!
    I’d be interested in what your presenting if you wish to share it.
    kind regards,

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