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I got a nice present in the post today – my friend Dick Axelrod sent me a copy of his workbook and double audio CD, ‘How to Engage People When you Don’t have Time’ (click on image above or see link)

Everyone knows that engagement is important. Engaged people are more productive, have less absenteeism, and provide better customer service compared to their disengaged counterparts.

But many organizations pursue engagement strategies through big fancy programs that take years to implement.

Engagement doesn’t take years — it can occur in minutes.

HOW TO ENGAGE PEOPLE WHEN YOU DON’T HAVE TIME, an integrated CD and workbook program, teaches the secrets of instant engagement and how to engage others even when there are many demands on you.

I’m looking forward to listening / reading the finished article! A while ago Dick emailed me and asked me to do mindmaps/illustrations for the workbook & he has one of my mindmaps on his website. It was fun to do & I produced a summary mindmap, along with four more detailed mindmaps of the key concepts (introductory mindmap below).

I love the way Dick puts things – he’s a brilliant communicator, and his workbook is packed with lots of practical ideas to increase engagement.

He’s kindly offered me and my clients discount, so if you are interested in a copy, drop me an email and I’ll get one for you at the cheaper rate!

Mindmap 1

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  • j


    I’m interested on getting the copy of everyday engagement.

    Please let me know if you still have it

    than kyou


  • Hi Johan,
    I can get you a copy if you would like – email me off line with your contact details.
    mail at joelafferty dott com

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