St Andrews…

St Andrews Panorama

Been on holiday this last week & took some pictures that I’ll slowly be uploading to my flickr site. Using our Historic Scotland membership (a brilliant deal at £65 for the two of us!), Chris and I have been exploring some of our ancient buildings in and around Dundee…

One of the trips included St Andrews, and a visit up St Rule’s tower at St Andrews Cathedral, where one gets a wonderful 360 panorama of St Andrews and the Angus/Dundee/Fife coastline. I’ve experimented a little with this panorama putting it into a quicktime movie, it comprises of 13 photos stitched together from the coast of Arbroath round to the edge of St Andrews, about a 180 degree panorama. Click on the image above to download the quicktime movie, then use your mouse to move around the panorama.

I’ve also uploaded a short movie (poorer quality but you see the whole 360 as I walk around the tower) taken at the same time on my Vimeo site. What a beautiful country we live in – and what incredible history…



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  • Hi Joe

    I was on the Coaching in Leadership course last week, which was the best course I’ve been on in many years. Thanks very much. I’ve commented on it over at my blog (which I thought I should let you know). I was also inspired to launch a new blog that I’ve been thinking about for a while – thanks to the conversation that we had.

    Once again, thanks for the course and the inspiration.

    RE St andrews – it’s one of my favourite places – I studied there, got engaged and married there and have many happy memories of it. We also return quite regularly to savour the atmosphere. And you’re right about the Historic Scotland membership – it’s fantastic value!

  • Les,
    thanks for your kind comments and encouragement.
    Glad the event had such resonance for you & that it catalysed action. I found your questions very insightful as I said on the day.
    I’ll check out your blog/blogs sometime this week.
    kind regards,

  • David Chalmers

    You and Chris did not live on Mull for a whlie?

  • Yes we did David

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