Performance appraisals a time waster (Reuters)

'What a waste of time' - Graffiti near the Gilded Balloon, Edinburgh (by Semi-detached)

Many Britons think appraisals a time waster | UK | Reuters

Came across this news from Reuters the other day. Not a surprise eh? I have found in my work in organisations that ‘performance management’ is often a weakness.

Strange that organisations can spend a fortune on development of competency models and systems/procedures to implement ‘performance management’ yet this investment does not always translate to improved performance!

This could be depressing! Especially if you read the article all the way through (a novel thing on the web I know)!!

I guess that’s why I’ve become more and more passionate about developing a coaching ethos/approach to managing and leading others. Good coaching is not ‘soft’ but actually has a real edge. I love the simple CCL model of coaching, and I like to frame it as a three legged milking stool. Take away any one of the legs and the stool becomes unstable. The legs? Support, assessment and challenge.

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This is the key to effective coaching – providing a supportive atmosphere, and environment where your work colleague can feel safe. A positive climate where people try their best, a workplace which enables real engagement, so that (as my friend Dick Axelrod puts it) “people bring their whole-hearted self to work.”


This is one of the ‘edges’ good coaching brings. Not a school type assessment or test, where someone outside ‘marks’ your work. Just the opposite! Your coach helps you assess what is really going on. What is working or what’s not working, and why.


This the other ‘edge’ in this little model. Good coaching requires my coach to challenge me. To push me, not to do the work for me, but challenge me to do my own work, and to take responsibility for my results. Good coaching lays the foundation for a high performing culture in your team and organisation. So when you come to your annual appraisal, it’s simply a matter of making space for a more creative reflection on your coaching sessions over the year. No surprises! Just challenge, assessment and support to be all you can be – now who wants that kind of manager?

Article (c) Joe Lafferty, LifeTree 2007
(for more information on developing a coaching culture in your organisation, or if you are interested in executive coaching visit Joe’s work website (link here) and email him.)

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