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seth's fair head Seth’s Blog: Coachable
Seth Godin has an interesting post on coaching – check it out by clicking on the link above.

He shares about a friend who is wrestling with his ‘coachability’. Making a number of accurate observations in a typical Seth kind of way – clear, direct, to the point & easy to ‘get’. I like his writing style and am a regular visitor to his blog.

He says that coaching happens all the time, mostly people accept it, but for some “…it’s like surgery. It’s painful, it has side effects and it might lead to a bad reaction.” And he also says: “Coaching happens all the time. Most often, it’s not from a boss or a professional coach. In fact, the best insights and advice usually come from informal or unexpected sources.”

He also shares a very cool insight about what the Bolshoi Ballet look for in a potential dancer – not skill, but coachability!

great post Seth!

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