Thoughts from ECLO conference – 1

Been reflecting on the ECLO conference in Glasgow the other week.

ECLO reflection enabling culture of inquiry

At a presentation by a friend of mine, Paul Foley from Kynesis, on public sector collaboration was very interesting. He captured some of the key issues very well and got me thinking of a question…

What enables a culture of inquiry?

And I began to reflect on some things that might enable this such as outlined in the mind map above and on Flikr. The main branches are:

  • Dialogue, balance of advocacy and inquiry, awareness of mental models & their impact
  • Enabling double loop (tather than single loop) learning
  • Courage to initiate, risk and act – clear link to leadership
  • Openness
  • Coaching (as an ethos or way of interacting rather than a skill set)
  • Able to identify adaptive problems & engage others in adaptive change
  • Understanding how to ‘manage’ dilemmas

Each of these bullet points could be an article in themselves, and i’m sure there are more enablers.

What do you think?

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