Confession time…

OK, i have to confess…

iPod PicI finally did it

Yep, i finally did it

I got myself an iPod.

OK, I’m still not an Apple fan! I still think that Apple have done a subtle marketing trick on us – trying to convince us that to be different we need to use an Apple! That Apples are cool (ok, give you that one), that Apples are easy to use (but they tie you into all their software, unlike PC’s who have access to TONS of open source options). And on top of that, you’re encouraged to believe you are different from the ‘conventional’ PC users – who are boring and fuddy duddy by comparison. So why not be different – along with the x-million other mac users! Steve Jobs has done a good job by recognising, as did Richard Branson, that you are onto a winner if you can tap into the desire to be different, even a little bit rebellious, and yet still provide the conventional product!

OK – rant over! Apart from the functionality, the other reason i made the jump to the iPod was the availability of a cool programme that cuts the ties to iTunes. it’s called Floola. This means you can use multiple hard drives to store your stuff and not clog up your hard drive. And if you visit the Lifehacker site here, you can find the instructions to use Floola to manage your music, videos and pictures without iTunes – hurrah!

You can also use Floola to manage your movies – and if you want a site (free download) to rip your DVD to put on your iPod, then check out the Lifehacker site for Handbrake, with instructions here and here is a link to DVDFab Decrypter.
Happy podding!

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  • Hi Joe!

    Sorry, I’m taking you to task about the following line! 😉

    “(but they tie you into all their software, unlike PC?s who have access to TONS of open source options).”

    There’s tons of Open Source software for Mac, in fact Mac OSX is built on top of Open Source software, the core of which, ‘Darwin’ is open source itself. There’s also many apps available such as Open Office, Apache, MySQL, PHP, etc, etc…

    Here’s a few links to help educate you 😉

    Apple’s Open Source pages:

    Mac OSX Open source downloads:

    Open Source Mac:



  • OK rick – thanks for the educational links! OK, I conceed on open source, but there is a lot more software available for PCs! (oh dear, am in my right mind taking on a fully fledged card carrying mac geek supremo???!!!)

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