Converting MP3 files – step by step tutorial

Converting MP3 files – step by step tutorial for geeks

First thing to say is you don’t need to be a geek to understand this tutorial! Just follow the link & you will be able to get top quality MP3’s fairly easily.

If quality is important to you and you want to arcive your CD’s in best quality MP3 format, then look no further than here. The guys here are geeks that have researched this & this is the best summary of how to use EAC and Lame to get top quality sound for your MP3 player. The only thing that’s missing is an up to date link to Lame and EAC – see the bottom of the post for this.

Our intent is to archive what we get our hands on in the best possible quality. Best possible means here a lot of things. One can compress music in a lossless format like monkey audio, but no portable player will be able to play it. Also, you can do yourself the non-service to compress music in a dead-end format like apple formats, realaudio, etc.., or compress MP3 in 320 KB resolution, just to think that you preserve some quality. The matter that all you do then is to waste space, is not so obvious.We tested a lot of solutions, programs, compressors, and we reached the following base recipe:

* MP3 encoding in 256 KBit fix rate format, using LAME
* Interface using Exact Audio Copy

Links to Lame are found if you click here. Links to EAC (Exact Audio Copy) are here. Both programmes are free.

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