ECLO Conference Glasgow

The European Consortium for Learning Organisations International Conference, Glasgow, May 2007

Barrie @ ECLO conferenceI attended the 14th International Conference of the European Consortium for the Learning Organisation in Glasgow last week. It was a good conference (I’d have to say that as I was part of the organising team!), where some stimulating presentations and dialogue took place.

I enjoy being part of ECLO. It’s a friendly bunch of folks interested in learning. I’ve been a member since 1999 and tho’ have not been able to make all the conferences, when I can they are always worthwhile. They are a good mix of academic and practitioner � with a really friendly atmosphere.

Couple of highlights for me were hearing about:

  • The conversations & dialogue around the World Cafe type interactions, as well as the marketplace interactions were very rich. The ECLO group are a great mix of experienced practitioners, academics and people from ‘real organisations.’
  • The conversations around Graeme Finnie and my marketplace session � see blog entry here for more details)
  • David Cain and David Settle from Manchester’s sharing the ‘Health Academy Story’. They are seeking to work in a very challenging social context for multiple benefits for stakeholders.
  • For the children: to raise their attainment and improve their quality of learning
  • For the community: to provide a top class learning environment parents will be proud to send their kids to
  • For health and well being: to educate people in the vital importance of health and well being
  • For recruitment: so the NHS can recruit young people for a career in the NHS � to help people realise that the NHS is a great place to develop a career and you don’t have to be academic or a medic to work there (Manchester has over 8000 staff & more than half are not medially trained).

A superb project linking health, education, turning round a ‘failing’ school, regeneration of a challenging area of the city all in one!

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