the art of innovation in 10 Steps

Great talk by Guy Kawasaki at  Cisco Live – apart from the great stuff on innovation, notice his clean, simple and high impact slides that illuminate his talk.  He distils the art of innovation into 10 steps:

1. Make meaning
2. Make a mantra (not a mission statement)
3. Jump to the next curve
4. Roll the dice
5. Don’t worry, be crappy
6. Let 100 flowers blossom
7. Polarize people
8. Churn, baby, churn
9. Follow the 10-20-30 rule
10. Don’t let the bozos get you down


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  • Now doing a bit of exploring through your blog and the ‘Lifetree” site. Not sure about ‘polarise people’ above – have always thought in terms of differentiate, individualize, but maybe its just semantics. Like the rest, don’t know – yet – what 10-20-30 rule is… Interesting, thanks

  • thanks for comment elspeth,

    i like guy kawasaki’s stuff, he’s provocative and punchy. he’s great to follow on twitter too as he shares some interesting stuff, and not just tech related.


  • I should think the MUD is the least of your prmboels there. Real life comes first, and real people come first, starting with you and your family. If driving lessons can wait until things are a little less stressful, obviously you could try shelving that for a little while. Anything that isn’t important and _absolutely essential_ can be postponed, and should be. Make things a little easier on yourself.I wish I could do more.

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