what you see depends on what you focus on…


The other day I was at the Bield near Perth, for a writing/reflection day. As I began to settle down, the old window frame and the old distorted glass caught my attention. I took my camera out and took these photos.

When I focused on the faults and flaws, the imperfections, then the background became blurry and out of focus. I could no longer see the beauty of the trees, the low spring sun covering the fields, the far away farmland and trees… No, I was caught up in the minutia of the imperfections. And the more I looked the more imperfections I saw.

It was as if the trees were not there! The vista, the perspective, the beauty was lost to me.

But, when I lifted my eyes and began to focus on the scene through the window, my perspective changed radically! I could see the beauty, I was drawn into the landscape. Were the imperfections still there? Of course, but now they were not my focus.

So, what will you choose to focus on today?

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