what you see depends on what you focus on…


The other day I was at the Bield near Perth, for a writing/reflection day. As I began to settle down, the old window frame and the old distorted glass caught my attention. I took my camera out and took these photos.

When I focused on the faults and flaws, the imperfections, then the background became blurry and out of focus. I could no longer see the beauty of the trees, the low spring sun covering the fields, the far away farmland and trees… No, I was caught up in the minutia of the imperfections. And the more I looked the more imperfections I saw.

It was as if the trees were not there! The vista, the perspective, the beauty was lost to me.

But, when I lifted my eyes and began to focus on the scene through the window, my perspective changed radically! I could see the beauty, I was drawn into the landscape. Were the imperfections still there? Of course, but now they were not my focus.

So, what will you choose to focus on today?

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  • Rangers at the moment have an ok side I think suhold have won the SPL really but a little to defensive for my liking. However we struggled last season but that was expected to be honest. I think we need another couple of years to establish ourselves in the EPL we have planning permission to extend the stadium to 63,000 in place and if Keane can get things right and get us up there in the top half of the EPL we will extend of that I have little doubt. At the moment you would have to say Rangers have a better side however we have just come back into the premier and we are on a upward curve. So it would only be right to compare sides after a couple more seasons in the prem. Then the balance will be right. But you have to be honest and say Rangers find it hard to hold on to players if the EPL comes calling and the rumour around these parts is Cuellar is coming to SAFC again just a rumour is he any good I dont know but having watched most of your games in the UEFA cup this season he looks a decent defender .

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