what you see depends on what you focus on…


The other day I was at the Bield near Perth, for a writing/reflection day. As I began to settle down, the old window frame and the old distorted glass caught my attention. I took my camera out and took these photos.

When I focused on the faults and flaws, the imperfections, then the background became blurry and out of focus. I could no longer see the beauty of the trees, the low spring sun covering the fields, the far away farmland and trees… No, I was caught up in the minutia of the imperfections. And the more I looked the more imperfections I saw.

It was as if the trees were not there! The vista, the perspective, the beauty was lost to me.

But, when I lifted my eyes and began to focus on the scene through the window, my perspective changed radically! I could see the beauty, I was drawn into the landscape. Were the imperfections still there? Of course, but now they were not my focus.

So, what will you choose to focus on today?

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  • Btw in case anyone’s interested, I saw someone using an iPad Mini on the subway today. It looks awesome. If I have any money left in January, I’m definitely going to get one for myself, and for my girlfriend. I think they’re going to sell in droves. (Totally subjective and anecdotal evidence, but hey, if it worked for Doug Kass on the way down, why not for me on the way up?) Anyone here really not expect sentiment to turn more positive as the holiday buying season gets underway? I don’t know if that will get us up to 700 or 750 or wherever… but it will help.

  • un gobierno tan miserable que sólo es comparable a los talibanes en el trato que da a las mujeresBueno, a los talibanes, o a España hace cuarenta años, tampoco nos pongamos tan estupendos…Pero sí, como para colgar a más de uno de las pelotas sobre una lumbre de cagajones.

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